Britney Spears Is Single, So You’re A Step Closer To That Charlize Theron-Britney Spears Threesome You Dream About

by 4 years ago


Last week, we reported that Charlize Theron dumped Sean Penn. That was Step One.

Now, after eight months of dating, it appears Britney Spears and Charlie Ebersol have ended things. Step Two.

Below are the rest of the steps you’ll need to have a threesome with Charlize Theron and Britney Spears.

Step Three: Date either Charlize Theron or Britney Spears

Step Four: Become comfortable enough sexually with Charlize Theron or Britney Spears to propose a threesome.

Step Five: Proposition the one you aren’t dating about a threesome.

Step Six: Lay out the ground rules for your threesome with Charlize Theron and Britney Spears

Step Seven: Have it.

That’s insane. You are only five steps away from having a threesome with Charlize Theron and Britney Spears. Sure, those are big steps, but it’s two less than before!

Best of luck, dudes.

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