Bro Advice?

​Fellow Bros,

I’m a little bro who is still in high school, but I’m in a little dilemma. I am a junior and lately I’ve been talking to this freshman girl. (Yes, I know. I’m a creep) The only thing is that she is fucking banging. Easily the hottest freshman girl and is hotter than most of my girlfriends in my grade and all of my former girlfriends. The only problem is that she is extremely hard to talk to. Texting, especially, is a big problem. But she makes up for it in person. I know that she wants me, but it’s hard to see from texting her. We went out one night and I didn’t close the deal. (Yes, I know that I’m a huge pussy) Do I bang her and take the shit from my friends who get absolutely no poon or to I stay away because she is a freshman…


Your Fellow Bro