Bro needs help!!!!

by 6 years ago

​ok so here’s the deal  I always  meet these really HOT! girls, 10s that at first sight dream about sucking my dick dry. As we grow on each other I realize from reading a article on that I always fall into the “friend zone” or even worse “best friends”. I recently had one of these encounters. I was dead set on this girl all I did was dream about me wanting her and her wanting me. when I finally realized that I fell into this category I tried to swim to land but the current was to strong.  Anyways things went south and it didn’t end up good. Its safe to say she hates me and doesn’t want my dick no more. Now after this encounter with this devilish chick my game has been off and I cant seem to find it or it just isn’t working anymore. Nowadays I’m hitting the sheets after a night of pounding beers when I should be pounding pussy. Going home hammered knowing I will not get pussy straight up sucks. The thought has crossed my mind  that maybe I should go after the chubby more clumsy babes but that isn’t my style although pussy doesn’t have a face, my dick has standards. Now to the question how does one change his game in order to pick up chicks? what’s the best way to get laid without having to go through all the trouble of a relationship? I have tried endlessly to fix this problem yet nothing I do seems to work and I’m getting to the point that every time I see a hot fucking girl I cream my pants. Porn is always a solution but how many times can one watch a girl getting drilled like she’s part of a construction site. Anyways if any of my fellow bros have answers to this please help me out I feel like I’m swimming in a shark tank right now.