Miss Bumbum Contestant Indianara Carvalho Posed Topless At The Eiffel Tower

Miss Bumbum Brazil contestant Indianara Carvalho caught the attention of police the other day when she visited the Eiffel Tower and started taking off her clothes. Go figure.

According to Diario24, Carvalho was given a warning by police for being topless.

“At no moment were they rude. They just told me to get dressed and asked if I was Miss Bumbum,” says Carvalho. (The answer to that would of course be no, as we’re all now well familiar with current Miss Bumbum Dai Macedo.)

But rather than just pack up and leave, Carvalho, who is currently in fourth place in the competition, reportedly just found a new spot to take off her top and snap some pics. Atta girl…

Here’s what we can show you…





H/T LatinPost, Fox News Latino