BuzzFeed’s ‘6 Easy Masturbation Hacks For Men’ Includes Some Interesting Uses For A Bar Of Soap

by 2 years ago

People rag on BuzzFeed all the time, but personally I’m a fan. They make the Internet fun again in an era where people take the Internet waaaayyyyyyyy too seriously. I also love how they legitimately break important news stories daily AND create important, useful additions to the culture-at-large. Like this handy-dandy guide to male masturbation hacks!


My favorite one is how they recommend going full America Pie on a bar of soap. Jim’s dad would be so proud of that one. Speaking of, this is probably the exact look your roommate would give you when asked why there’s a glory hole in your bar of soap in the shower.


What a time to be alive. This is what we in the publishing industry call service journalism:


Wearing a condom to jerk off is some real next-level masturbation. You should probably just buy a hooker at that point.


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