Stunning Charlotte McKinney Continues To Amaze All In New Photoshoot

We love us some Charlotte McKinney. And what’s not to love? A beautiful face. Those soul-piercing eyes. The long-flowing blonde hair. Those absolutely perfect bajongas. So any new photoshoot with the bombshell is a glorious day.

The gorgeous Charlotte did a photoshoot and interview to Galore Magazine. The knockout Carl’s jr. model gave some details into her life.

“I’m over the comparison to Kate Upton. I respect her and all the work she’s done, but it gets kind of frustrating when that’s the only kind of conversation people are able to have about my own work,” Charlotte said.

See all of the scintillating photoshoot and interview of the captivating Charlotte over at Galore Magazine.



A photo posted by Galore (@kittengalore) on Jun 19, 2015 at 1:48pm PDT