Charlotte McKinney Is Flashing Her Bare Ass In ‘British GQ’ And All We Have To Say Is WOW

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Hey man, if British GQ calls you up and says “We’d love to feature you in our magazine…but you need to make sure you’re not wearing pants,” then you damn sure show up to the photo shoot that day sans pantalones. I’m not sure what happens if you roll up sporting your finest pair of trousers, but if I know anything about the British (which I don’t) then I’m 99% sure it involves getting hot tea splashed in your face followed by being pelted by biscuits until you start crying and leave.

Clearly, this didn’t happen to Charlotte McKinney since she’s not only featured in British GQ’s December issue, but she’s also not wearing pants:


hunter & gatti / british gq


hunter & gatti / british gq

[Via British GQ]

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