Charlotte McKinney Was Absolutely EXPLODING Out Of Her Top At Mayweather-Pacquiao

Charlotte McKinney mayweather

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Charlotte McKinney certainly knows how to get attention.

Charlotte McKinney somehow scored herself a ticket to the fight of the century that wasn’t, Mayweather – Pacquiao. As such she decided to make DAMN sure that her presence there did not go unnoticed by those in attendance. Or by those in possession of the tools of flash photography.

And while Beyonce took home the top prize for cleavage at the fight it was Charlotte McKinney that earned the belt given out for most ostentatious display of maximum boobage. She took Beyonce’s extreme cleavage show and just ran right past it into a whole new unprecedented level of showing off the goods.

Charlotte Mckinney mayweather

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Charlotte mayweather

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Also on the plus side, Stephen Dorff was nowhere to found in any of the photos that I saw.

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