Charlotte McKinney’s Boobs Are Doing Some Amazing Things In This Instagram Pic

by 4 years ago

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Like many others on the Internet, we’ve been saying that Charlotte McKinney is the new Kate Upton for a while: She’s a spicy blonde bombshell who’s got that “American Girl” look that Bros are really into these days. That’s why we think you’re really going to like these Instagram pics she snapped recently.

I mean… LOOK AT THOSE DAMN THINGS. I am in love. We are in love. You are in love. Now all we need videos/GIFS of her twerking/booty-poppin’/jumping up and down for her celebrity status to start rocketing. She’s definitely the frontrunner in the babes-who-are-gonna-blow-up-like-Kate-did race.

[H/T: Busted Coverage]

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