Make Sure to Cheer on The Olympians in This Week’s Hottie Index

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The Olympic madness continues and so do our Olympic hotties. They’re just falling from the sky at this time of year. These girls are really taking advantage of their fifteen minutes of fame. We have a regular old actress in this week’s list too, who’s talented enough to shine even though she’s not competition in Sochi. But she isn’t that regular or else she wouldn’t be listed here.

Take your mark, get set, and go for this week’s bonerific beauties.

Kate Mara


First in non-Olympic news, Kate Mara is really hot. Ok, that’s not exactly news, but the second season of House of Cards being released certainly was. People couldn’t get enough of the Netflix show, which is a good thing, since you can watch all the episodes at once. That means you can see all the Mara you need to see, but GQ gives us a little more with their Q&A and photo shoot with her this month. That photo shoot just happened to be of her in her lingerie. And now you’re rushing to as quickly as possible to see more…

Lauren Cosgrove

T.J. Oshie became an American hero after his shootout display against the Russians in Saturday’s Olympic hockey game. Sadly he won’t care too much about being followed around by new hockey groupies when he gets home, because he’s already got a dime piece waiting for him. Oshie did pretty well bagging Cosgrove. Hopefully she rediscovers that bikini body once she pops out the next great American hero in the near future. Their future child is clearly destined for greatness.

Kate Hansen


Everyone has a pre-game routine, but some stand out more than others. Michelle Jenneke became one of our favorites after she did her quirky jumping and finger wagging routine before a race. Now Hansen has captured our attention with her slick dance moves as she grooves to Beyoncé. She has some pretty big female grapefruits to be a luger, so I’m sure dancing in front of all her competition before the race is nothing she gets nervous about.

Jamie Anderson


We find Anderson further along the Olympic trail because she’s been finding many male athletes as bedfellows during the Olympics. Anderson, like the rest of the Olympians, has taken to Tinder while in the Olympic village. Surely condom use is at all time highs with Tinder involvement. (Or maybe its not…) Anderson said she had to focus after Tinder distracted her too much at the beginning. Translation: she was really tired from all the sex and realized she was there to compete in snowboarding.

Jackie Charmoun


The Lebanese people seem to be more accepting of poor Olympic performance than they are with nudity. Charmoun didn’t seem to care about the latter when she bared it all for an Austrian ski calendar shoot. Maybe those nice cans are the reason she’s not performing at the level she needs to. They’re obviously holding her back and can’t help her wind resistance. Oh, you’re telling me she doesn’t actually ski naked too? Sorry. I was too distracted that I didn’t realize she wasn’t participating in the naked Olympics.

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