Chloe Bennet Acting Goofy In A Bikini Is Not Something We Get To See On ‘Agents Of SHIELD’

by 11 months ago

Chloe Bennet, or as fans of the Marvel TV show Agents of SHIELD know her, Quake, Daisy Johnson, and/or Skye, seems in real life to be a lot like her character on the show. No, I don’t mean that she’s a metahuman with superpowers. I mean that she doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously and likes to have a little bit of silly fun now and then.

Some of that fun, now that the show’s season has come to an end, apparently involves getting in a little well-deserved beach time. Which is where you can clearly see what I said about her being a bit of a goofball in real life shining through.

If you've got a wedgie raise your finger. #valleygirlfilm ✨

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#class #covfefe

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