Chloe Grace Moretz Looking Sexy With Her Shirt Unbuttoned Is One Thing We Can All Agree Is Great Today

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Much like earlier today with Bella Thorne and her bikini pics I have been looking for things today that will bring us together as a nation after an exhausting and ridiculous year of dealing with the Trump and Hillary circus.

I thought, “Who does pretty much everyone love?” Then I saw a sexy photo that Chloe Grace Moretz had shared to her Instagram account recently and my question was answered.

Everyone loves her, right? We’ve seen her go from child star in films like The Amityville Horror and Kick-Ass to the fine, talented woman she is today killing it in films like The Equalizer and The 5th Wave.

I mean, take a look at this and tell we can’t all agree that she’s great…

And because I know so many of you out there need some healing here are a few more pics she has shared that will hopefully bring a smile to EVERYBODY’S face…

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