Christina Aguilera Was Looking American AF In Some Awesome 4th Of July-Themed Swimsuit Pics

by 3 years ago

Christina Aquilera, born in Staten Island, New York, showed off some serious American pride over the 4th of July holiday weekend. Not only did she do one of the most American things on Independence Day, hang out in a pool, she also rocked a very patriotic swimsuit after earlier draping herself in the American flag while hanging out with her family, who were also decked out in the red, white and blue.

Normally, the36-year-old mom of two is a bit more subdued on her Instagram account, but she and her family must have really been feeling the America spirit this year as they hung out by the water all weekend. In fact, these pics are so good they almost look like a professional photographer took them. Perhaps Aguilera was using the holiday as a reminder that she will be appearing in the upcoming film The Emoji Movie playing Akiko Glitter.

Nah, no way a celebrity would use something as important as the birth of America’s independence to try to promote a personal project, would they?

Also, what is she wearing in those dock pics? It looks like a nightgown, but that’s certainly not the case, right? If so I guess we can just chalk it up to Hollyweird being Hollyweird. And, well, awesome.

I think that these pics definitely beat out the ones she posted for Christmas, don’t you?

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