Christina Milian Came ThisClose To A Wardrobe Malfunction Thanks To Her Super Revealing Top

Christina Milian looks like she’d be a fun hang.

Another day, another sparkling moment in the Milianaissance as Christina Milian hit the town over the weekend in a top that left her fighting off a nip-slip at every turn.

I’m not sure where Christina was headed on this night with her sister and friends, but wherever it was, those in attendance found out what we’ve known for months now: Christina Milian is back in a big way, baby.

Killing it in a bikini, doing hot photo shoots, cool new TV show, and flirting with nip slips at every turn, girl is on fire. What’s next? A Playboy spread? (Please be a Playboy spread.)

Meanwhile, Christina’s sexy sister Liz Milian decided to just not wear at top at all. Man, I love this family.