SIZZLING HOT Actress Christina Ochoa Played Her Own Version Of ‘Naked & Afraid’ And Posted The Pics To Instagram

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Isaac Sterling

Last August I did a profile on actress Christina Ochoa calling her a super smart, very sexy, lockdown “one to watch.” I said that she is someone who we’re going to be hearing about more real soon.

Little did I know it would be because she’d do her own version of the Discover Channel show Naked & Afraid and share the pics to her Instagram account.

As I mentioned back in August Christina Ochoa is a VERY interesting woman. She is an active member of MENSA, her great-uncle Severo Ochoa is a Nobel Prize Winner, and her father Victor Ochoa is a famous sculptor in Spain. She was also on Robert Rodriguez’s action-drama Matador on El Rey Network last year, but sadly it was canceled.

Anyway, apparently she doesn’t need a stinking TV show when she’s got an Instagram account. Though I’m afraid to report that she and her boyfriend, actor Derek Theler, didn’t make it the usual 21 days that people on Naked & Afraid attempt. But they did make it 21 hours!

Hour 6: #NakedAndAfraidAdventure Settling in for the night. This isn't so bad... 🌘

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I would have so watched this show.

EXTRA Bonus Pic because how freaking sexy is this photo?

H/T Uproxx; Top photo: Isaac Sterling

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