Cindy Crawford Released An Untouched Photo Of Herself And People Are Freaking The Fuck Out

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Cindy Crawford was once the #1 supermodel in the world, now she’s a 48-year-old mother of two who will soon be appearing in Marie Claire’s April 2015 issue featuring all un-retouched photos.

To build some hype around this upcoming issue, Cindy Crawford has just released an un-retouched (can’t we just say untouched?) image of herself, and the Internet is freaking the fuck out over it.

When I first came across this image I started by running it by our in-house king of celebrity content, and his immediate response was ‘NSFL‘. So before you scroll down and see this pic, just know that it is NOT the Cindy Crawford you’re used to seeing.

As for the Internet losing their shit over this pic, there are obviously two major camps forming. On the one hand you have a LOT of people applauding her bravery, and saluting her for showing off her un-retouched body at her age, saying women everywhere should be emboldened by these pics. And on the other hand you have people wondering aloud ‘why in the hell would Marie Claire or any magazine EVER post these photos?!? Nobody wants to see them!’ While I haven’t yet taken a stance on the pic, I’m leaning towards a softer side of the latter, because I don’t think anyone actually wants to see these photos.

Good luck fapping to that, bros.

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