Couples Tell Each Other How They Lost Their Virginity And I Can’t Keep A Straight Face Watching It

by 2 years ago

I’ve never, ever, EVER understood couples like this who share information with each other. What possible need is there in the world to know how many dudes your lady had been with before you, or when and where she lost her virginity (or vice versa for the ladies). All this does is create a database of people that neither of you is going to be cool chilling with. Beyond that, it can cause a great deal of insecurity.

I’m typically the furthest thing from insecure, and you’d know this if you’ve read my blogs long enough. I was born with a completely undeserved cockiness. That cockiness was shattered at one point in college when the girl I was seeing told me her previous boyfriend had just inked a multi-million dollar signing bonus with an MLB team. I won’t give you the guy’s name, but I’ll say that he’s been a starting Catcher in the AL East…I don’t need to know that my sexual prowess is being measured against a professional athlete.

As for this clip, it comes from Cut Video. They’ve done a few videos that are similar to this in the past. There were these two clips of people telling their parents how they lost their virginity. This latest video appears to come from the same set of couples who appeared in a video last week telling each other about the best sex they’ve ever had with one of their exes. So if you’re looking for some more cringe, check that out.

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