Courtney Stodden And Her Giant Fake Boobs Just Gave Bernie Sanders The Weirdest Political Endorsement EVER

by 3 years ago
courtney stodden bernie sanders video

Courtney Stodden, Instagram

I, uh, well, I don’t really even know what to say here. This video that our favorite reality star wannabe slash sex tape star Courtney Stodden posted today is just insane. The sheer amount of WTFuckery going on here is almost beyond comprehension.

I guess I really only have two questions after watching it: (1) who is the dude in the Bernie Sanders mask, and (2) does this in any way shape or form help Sanders beat Hillary Clinton?

Never mind, I take back what I said. I now have like a million questions and none of them make any sense, just like the video.

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