Looks Like Courtney Stodden Is Becoming A DJ And She’s Not As Bad As You’d Expect (I Can’t Believe I Wrote That)

by 4 years ago


Courtney Stodden is a lot of things. Some of said things include, but are not limited to:

1. Porn star
2. Fake-boobie extraordinaire

…and that’s really it. She’s also blonde, which is cool I guess, but it’s a weird shade of white-blonde and not blonde-blonde. Oh and she’s also super pale. Assuming she lives past the age of 30, she’s going to make for a really weird grandmother…or at least old person. She’ll probably never spawn if we’re lucky.

But yeah, DJ! Courtney Stodden’s been mixing some tracks lately (read: dicking around with some buttons and shit in a bikini…obviously) according to her recent Instagram posts, and they’re not as bad as you’d expect. That’s not to say that they’re necessarily “good” either, but it’s not the plopping bowel movement I’d expect out of Stodden. More like one of the ones where you’re going into it like “Oh my god this might be the day where I pull an Elvis and literally crap my small intestine out and die” but come out like “Eh…I lived.”

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