Courtney Stodden Posed In A Barely-There Duct Tape Bikini Because… I Have No Idea

by 3 years ago
courtney stodden duct tape bikini

Courtney Stodden, Instagram

Courtney Stodden is spiraling, folks.

There once was a day when I truly hoped that Courtney Stodden would get that reality TV show she so desired. Her bizarre tweets, videos and pictures, not to mention her weird marriage, all seemed like it would be great fodder for a batshit crazy fun show.

Now she’s just the one that’s being crazy, making sex tapes and posing in duct tape bikinis, and I don’t know what the hell is going on anymore with our aspiring starlet-in-the-making.

Where did we go wrong as fans? Did we not care enough? I’m so confused…

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