I Didn’t Know It Was Possible, But Courtney Stodden Looks Even Hotter Without Makeup On

by 4 years ago


Why. Why? Why does Courtney Stodden insist on looking like shit when she can just not wear any makeup at all and look fucking gorgeous? It’s literally mind-boggling. Like look at this shit:



She looks like a drag queen, or worse yet she looks like Marilyn Monroe’s corpse if the people at Sephora had gotten ahold of it before they dumped her into the ground. And this too, she looks like a blowup doll:



Have you ever woken up and said to yourself “Man oh man could I use some good blowup doll action today!” No? That’s because 99% of the population doesn’t go lookin’ for blowup dolls to fuck, they just do as a last resort. In reality, Courtney looks 500,000,000x better without any makeup on, like in this shot:



She also posted this makeup-free selfie back in February, although the only place she isn’t wearing makeup is her eyes. You can see she’s clearly wearing lipstick and other goopy shit.



Just nix the makeup and be natural. It looks better and it’s probably cheaper. Bleh.

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