Courtney Stodden Dropped A RAUNCHY New WTF Christmas Video That, Well…You Just REALLY Need To See It

by 1 year ago

It’s been AGES since we last checked in on our favorite reality TV show trainwreck-in-waiting Courtney Stodden. Thankfully, my buddy Becca Martie, sent me a note to inform me that C-Stodd, as we like to call her, just dropped a HOT new Christmas music video called “Mistletoe Bikini.”

And by HOT, I mean batshit crazy mixed with all sorts of raunchy, revealing shots of her tits and ass.

You know, typical Courtney Stodden holiday fare.

Of course, this video makes perfect sense in the world of the person who took off ALL of her clothes to promote her latest single so what else would we have expected?

Let me just say, after watching and *shudder* listening to this new video of hers, if it doesn’t put you in the holiday spirit then, well, I’m guessing that just about anything else other than this will do the trick.

Speaking of tricks, she may look like a 44-year-old stripper that’s been rode hard and put away yet one too many times, she’s still just 22 so we have many, many more years of this to come. Maybe.

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