Here’s Courtney Stodden Naked In A Bed Of Waffles And Looking Through Her Fridge Wearing Only Pink Panties

by 3 years ago


If Courtney Stodden would ditch the stupid Marilyn Monroe act, take out the breast implants and stop acting like a dimwitted ditz all the time (unless that’s how she actually is, in which case dear GOD) then maybe, MAYBE, she could have a career of…something. Modelling? Or maybe…nope, just modeling. Even if the whole “tee hee I’m a fuckwit” act is just a ruse, I have a feeling Courtney isn’t capable of much outside of batting her eyelashes, posing naked in a bed of waffles or taking mostly nude Instagram photos of her digging through the fridge at night. Sigh.

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