Courtney Stodden Got Completely Naked Again For National Donut Day (As If She Needed An Excuse In The First Place)

by 3 years ago


Apparently it’s National Donut Day, and while I’m pretty sure we just had one of these like, a month ago (??) I guess it’s not really possible to have TOO many days dedicated to eating donuts. Unless you’re obese. Then you should probably cut back on the donuts in the event that you’ve been eating too many in the first place, but if you haven’t then ehh…go wild. You only live once but I’ve heard you can survive a bunch of heart attacks if you’re lucky, so go ahead and take your chances.

But oh yeah, the whole point of this post was Courtney Stodden being naked with donuts. Here is that thing:

Brotip: If You Get A Lap Dance From A Girl That’s Not Your Girlfriend, Make Sure Your Girlfriend Isn’t Watching

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