Courtney Stodden Took Her Clothes Off And Did Her Best Kim Kardashian Impression, We Looked

by 3 years ago

courtney stodden

If you were to make a Venn Diagram using Kim Kardashian and Courtney Stodden, the middle portion detailing their similarities may read: ‘giant fake boobs’ and ‘insatiable craving for the public spotlight.’ Yes, most of the time they’re collective yearning for our attention is exhausting and I think I can speak for all bros when I say we could give a shit less that Kim wore Dolce & Gabbana flats to drop off Saint at ballerina practice.

But when the clothes start shedding, that’s when we have a dog in the fight. And Kim’s recent nude photo was worth a look. And if you’re sick of seeing Kim’s naked body, at the very least, she inadvertently recruited other babes to recreate the photo–which I support.

Courtney Stodden and her very large boobs joined the nude circus so let’s take a look!!

pete and pete

Oh shit sorry, wrong one.

P.S. Pete, it looks like you ate Pete.

Here is the thing you wanted to see.


Happy International Women’s Day to all. Including, but not limited to, your mom.

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