Courtney Stodden Took A Photo Of Herself Showering Naked Outside For Reasons I Can’t Even Fathom

by 3 years ago


You know for all the shit I throw at Courtney Stodden, deep down I really do like her. However that “like” is completely contingent on the notion that she only acts like a complete bimbo because she has some sort of long-term career goal in mind; I don’t actually like her if she’s actually a total twat. And the sad thing is I can’t really tell. I mean look at Kim Kardashian: girl’s literally only famous because of her sex tape and look where she is now! Maybe Courtney will be the new Kim in a few years…but until then all we’ve got is Stodden naked in an outdoor shower.

Eh. She’s got a ways to go.
And if that wasn’t enough for you, here’s some more T&A wahooooooo:

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