Courtney Stodden Took Off ALL Of Her Clothes To Promote Her Upcoming New Single

by 2 years ago

God love, Courtney Stodden, she just keeps trying and trying and trying.

First, when she was 17, she married that weird dude from The Green Mile who was in his 50s. (Then they got divorced, were still creepy as hell and then may or may not have remarried.)

Then she decided that she should have a singing career and released a single called “Reality.”

Then she got a boob job because that’ll help her career for sure.

Then she went to work for half-naked PETA because that’s what all celebs do right?

Then she somehow got on the UK version of Celebrity Big Brother where her breasts caused some issues.

She followed that up with a little more plastic surgery and starting her own completely batshit insane Web series.

And then, of course, she made a sex tape.

This week Courtney has come full circle and once again thinks she can make it as a singer. She has a new single coming out soon called “Asphalt.” So to promote what is certain to be a chart-topping effort she took off all her clothes and posed in front of a, well, a brick wall? Wouldn’t asphalt being somewhere in the the photo made more sense? Never mind.

Naturally, the original uncensored version of this photo was banned by Instagram, but somehow she was able to get it approved and you can check it out here – DEFINITELY NSFW.

So what else has Courtney been up to lately, I can hear you saying?

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