Here Is Courtney Stodden Attempting To Go Skinny Dipping With Her Giant Flotation Devic- I Mean Boobs

by 4 years ago


Courtney Stodden has proven time and time again that she has giant boobs. One minute I’ll find myself forgetting and then POOF! Someone somewhere pops up and says to me “Hey did you know Courtney Stodden has giant tits?” and I’ll be like “Oh fuck you I’d almost forgotten.” In case you’re lucky enough to have erased that knowledge from your brain, take our limited time together to reflect that this creature currently walks the earth:
I know you’d almost forgotten that she exists, so this is me saying “sorry” for bursting your bubble with a casual reminder. Sorry! Except not really because it’s my job (and I’m using that term loosely). In any case, here’s Courtney trying to go skinny dipping except the giant flotation devices attached to her chest seemingly won’t let her dunk underwater. What a bummer.

[Images via Instagram]

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