Did Courtney Stodden Just Upload A Photo Of Her Nipple To Instagram? Let’s Investigate!

by 3 years ago


Courtney Stodden: child bride, possessed Barbie doll come to life, and…well that’s really it. You all know the basics, now let’s get to the specifics – not her career or wishes, hopes and dreams obviously, but more along the lines of IS THIS A NIPPLE?!!

Do you see it? Do you? You don’t? Fuck you guys, look closer:

stodden nip


I showed the same image to JCamm. Here’s how our investigation went:

JCamm: Is that a nip? On her right (our left) boob?

Me: I really don’t know, it hasn’t been taken down off Instagram so I’m thinking it might just be a shadow with bubbles.

JCamm: You can kind of see her areola in this:

Me: Yeah her nipples are rather high up on her boobs I guess. Yeah, I suppose it’s a nip then?

JCamm: What about this photo though:

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