Courtney Stodden Posted A Video Of Her Twerking Around In Pink Lace Panties, If That’s Something You’re Up For

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I could sit here and rant about how Courtney Stodden is a monumental waste of space on this planet and complain about how all she seemingly does with her life is post photos of her giant boobies onto Instagram, but I won’t. Why? Because you deserve better; not better than Courtney mind you, but you shouldn’t have to read through a load of crappy editorial just to get to the photos which is the whole reason you clicked this link in the first place. Hell, most of you probably didn’t even read this paragraph and just skipped to the photos! For those of you who did that, here’s a pat on the back – you’re smart.

And for those of you who didn’t do that and have read all the way to now…well, sorry to bum you out but I don’t have a prize. Just some photos of Courtney Stodden and a video of her twerking – may as well be the gift of death as far as I’m concerned.

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