New Survey Finds That Your Coworkers Are Masturbating And Having Sex At Work

by 10 months ago

Have you noticed that some of your coworkers are taking rather long bathroom breaks? Maybe they had bad sushi the night before. But maybe they are masturbating and having sex at work. That’s right, while you’re busting your ass, your coworkers are getting paid to get laid.

A new survey from Yellow Octopus interviewed over 1,000 people about their in-office behavior. They found that 13 percent of men and 5 percent of women masturbate at work. Of those who are playing the clitar and pounding their pud, 22 percent said they’ve only pleasured themselves once, 38 percent did it 2-5 times, and a whopping 40 percent have had a work wank six or more times. Serial jerkers.

But your coworkers aren’t just jacking and jilling off. While you’re in your cubicle diligently working on your TPS reports, your coworkers are bumping fuzzies. Did you know that 11 percent of your colleagues have copulated on the job? There are 4 percent that brought in a special someone into their place of employment and banged. The survey found that 17 percent of work sex happens before work begins, 36 percent of interoffice relations occur during work hours, and a staggering 72 percent of work boning happens after office hours. Do you get paid overtime for this? Of those people who had sex at work, 14 percent were caught boning.

So are you getting lucky at work?

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