After Being Banned For Snapping Naked Chicks, Dan Bilzerian Is Back On Snapchat (…And Already Snapping Babes)

by 2 years ago


It’s been almost two months since we last heard from Dan Bilzerian, the Internet’s favorite hedonistic playboy. The last we checked up on him he was kicking Hillary Clinton off his private plane and trolling followers about his tiny legs. Since then, he’s played poker with Kevin Hart (and called him out for how terrible he is at the game) and, as of yesterday, rejoined millennial’s favorite dick pic app, Snapchat.

Here’s the history, as our sources tell us: A year or two ago Bilzerian signed up for Snapchat. Except he included a bunch of nudity in his public Snap stories, causing the company to ban him from the app. After putting him on probation in Snapchat purgatory, they finally let him rejoin the app a few years later.

So what’s Dan up to now that he’s back? The usual — putting babes in cycling outfits and accidentally taking handguns on planes. Follow him at @DanBilzerian111

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