Another HOT Romanian Weather Girl Had Her Boobs Pop Out On Live TV, Only This Time It Happened TWICE

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Once again proving that television is better everywhere else yet another hot Romanian weather girl had a wardrobe malfunction on live TV where her boobs popped out.

You might recall back in March when we brought you the story of Romanian weather girl Roxana Vancea who had this very thing happen. Turns out that it wasn’t her first time either.

Now we have ANOTHER one. This lovely lady’s name is Daniela Crudu and she did Roxana Vancea one better as she not only had her boob pop out during a live broadcast, it happened twice in the same show. That’s dedication, right there.

Best comment on the video has to go to this person: “Somebody in the wardrobe department is either getting fired for this or a huge pay rise.”

Amazingly, just like with Vancea before her, this isn’t Crudu’s first rodeo as she’s apparently had this sort of thing “accidentally” happen on previous occasions…

Needless to say, Crudu has developed quite a large following on social media. Pretty easy to see why…


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