Daughter Gets The Most Mortifying Text In The World After Dad Finds Sex Toy In Her Room

by 2 years ago


There’s nothing more embarrassing than having your parents walk in on you during sex, except for, y’know…walking around in public naked, telling a joke that lands flat and makes everyone stare at you awkwardly, loud farts in silent rooms, etc. Come to think of it, there’s a LOT worse that can happen, and really it’s only embarrassing if your parents are crazy fundie Christians who think sex is for Satanists and whores.

One anonymous Imgur user however, wasn’t so lucky as to have her parents intrude mid-bone – instead, her dad wound up being the lucky treasure hunter to discover a giant, purple girthy dildo hidden in her room:



Gonna answer that real quick for you dad and say no, no she definitely does not want that anymore.

[Via Imgur]

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