Despite Wild Internet Speculation, an ASU Froshie Did NOT Lose a Scholarship for Starring in a P*rn

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Shortly after the video went online last weekend, rumors began flying on a 4chan message board. Eventually the discourse de-evolved into this e-mail:

Arizona Board of Regents

2020 N. Central Avenue
Suite 230
Phoenix, AZ 85004-4593

RE: Elizabeth A. Hawkenson (Copperas Cove, Texas), 2010 ASU Freshman Class

Distinguished Regents,

I am writing to express my shock and horror at the public conduct of a member of Arizona State University's 2010 freshman class, Elizabeth A. Hawkenson of Copperas Cove, Texas. This person recently appeared in an internet video in which she identified herself by name, showed her ASU student ID card, then proceeded to engage in explicit and degrading sexual activities with a stranger. She was paid for the act and signed a waiver allowing the video to be posted on the internet.

As an ASU alumnus, I object to Ms. Hawkenson's choice to identify herself as an ASU student in a adult entertainmentographic video that is available to the general public. I feel that which clearly violates the ASU Student Code of Conduct.

On behalf of my fellow ASU alumni, I demand that Ms. Hawkenson's $32,000 New American Scholar Award be revoked immediately. A young woman who brings shame on her university in such a public and degrading way does not deserve the financial support of that university.

Yours Sincerely,

Anonymous ASU Alumnus

Definitely raises some questions, including why the letter would be signed anonymously. Whoever put it together went to extremes to make it look legit with a real letterhead:

After a few copy and pastes, the e-mail took a life of its own, circulating off of 4chan into other message boards before being published to wider audiences here, here, here, and especially here, Nik Richie's “The Dirty.” Nasty rumors started that she was kicked out of the school, clearly started by people who know absolutely nothing about ASU and the unsanctimonious relationship its student body has with adult entertainment. Hell, the entire city of Tempe might as well be a Bush League San Fernando Valley. (Remember the whole Courtney Simpson/ASU cheerleader incident?) Other information quickly surfaced about Hawkenson, including screenshots of her ASU student directory page.

Today the star of the adult entertainment, Elizabeth Hawkenson, was finally tracked down by Phoenix's New Times alt-weekly newspaper.  Earning their paycheck as real journalists, the reporters at the New Times did some gumshoeing and discovered Hawkenson hasn't been kicked out of ASU. She's still living in a dorm. The Board of Regents never received the aforementioned letter and she didn't lose the scholarship. However, the ASU coed told the Times the entire experience has “been treacherous for [her].” She also dished that the whole Backroom Casting Couch thing was scripted (duh), revealing “I knew going in there it was for sex. I knew what I was doing — I knew I was getting paid.” Sadly, Hawkenson tells the New Times that the video was to earn a little cash to pay her $30k out-of-state tuition. She claims that she took home $2,000 for the flesh flick.

The New Times reports this froshie has had offers to do adult entertainments in the past. However, she declined because “I was like 'no way, I have morals.' ” Say whaaat?! For Hawkenson's sake, we're really hoping the whole mess doesn't avalanche any further. We'd really hate to see those holyier-than-thou morals further corrupt during her tenure at ASU.

We're not going to link to Hawkenson's “audition” on the casting couch. However, if you want to check out the video for yourself, there's a link to it at On Campus Drama.

Anyway, early candidate for next week's Girl to Bring Home to Mom, amirite?

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