New Documentary Goes Behind The Scenes To Reveal What The Life Of A Cam Girl Is Really Like

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Let’s all just drop any pretense that any of us have no idea what a cam girl is, okay? You know what they do. I know what they do. Everyone knows what they do.

But do we really?

Sure, we know that they chat with horny guys and try to fulfill some sort of fantasy or desire, but what do they really do?

In this new documentary short, by the folks over at Engadget, we get a peek behind the camera to see how these ladies go about raking in all that cash.

For some, like adult film star Ariana Marie, they have their whole house wired with cameras basically making her life The Truman Show of cam girls.

Others like bodybuilder/cam girl Aspen Rae say that she believes the men who come to watch her are just looking for some company. “I would say the majority of guys that I entertain, they’re more looking to kick it,” says Rae.

Happy Friday! 🎀

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