Drunk Chick Gets In Vicious Fight With a Door

by 4 years ago

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We don’t know the history between this woman and the door – Old friends? Co-workers? FORMER LOVERS?!? Who can say? What we do know, is that after some hard partying at a luau, their relationship has taken a turn for the worse.

You might say, “how did you know she was at a luau?” Because I’m what’s known as a Viral Video Investigator, and I’m able to pick up on clues that the untrained eye would easily miss. You see, if you look closely enough, you’ll notice that Drunk Chick is adorned with a lei, a wreath of flowers typically distributed at Hawaiian luaus.

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Yup. Don’t you ever doubt my video investigative skills ever again.

It looks like this lady must’ve been sucking down the Blue Lagoons a little too aggressively at the luau, and it’s caused her to get a little mouthy with this door. I would never advocate hitting a woman, but I think when someone is coming at you like this, it is well within your rights to protect yourself. Maybe she’ll think twice next time she tries to take her drunk aggression out on inanimate objects.

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