Grab The Neck Braces: Watch Thirsty Dudes Get Whiplash From Rubbernecking At This Girl’s Bodacious Booty

by 4 years ago

The fine folks over at Immature Life released a new video titled “BIG BOOTY BAIT IN PUBLIC PRANK!” Not sure why they label this video as a “prank,” because there is no real joke in the video. But we can quickly forgive them because they did not lie about the “big booty” part and that’s what’s important.

The prank YouTube channel enlisted the talents of the amazing Kasheen Whiteley to make the mesmerizing onion caboose video.

Giving a quick peek at her dazzling Instagram, they made a fantastic casting decision.

Fantastic I say!

Her talents know no bounds.

This is how Kasheen molds her dazzling derriere.

Kasheen appeared in the Immature Life video as the “Big Booty Bait,” and she excelled. Many necks were snapped when the captivating Kasheen walked by and men could not help but to gawk at her intoxicating butt. One gentleman couldn’t stop staring at that ass, despite being in the company of his girlfriend, who slapped him for his wandering eyes. One dude nearly paralyzed himself as he almost fell on his face because he was on a scooter as Kasheen sauntered by. So the prank proves that men like a great ass. Somebody notify CNN of this breaking news.

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