Ed Sheeran Is Dating Former Pussy Cat Dolls Babe Nicole Scherzinger And YA We Think He’s Done Well For Himself

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Ed, Ed, Ed. One of the living testaments to the “if you got fame, talent and fortune,” you are bound by nothing or no one. Because lets call a spade a spade here: looks-wise, Ed doesn’t even belong in the same conversation as former Pussy Cat Dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger. But he’s a talented musician who the media loves because he seems like an actual human being. Like Ed won’t name his first-born child a celebrity name like Cactus or Poison Ivy. His name will be Mark or something. And we eat that shit up. He is us and we are him. Except he can sing a rendition of ‘Trap Queen’ that could make the straightest of men drop trou, while the tenants in my building have aggressively banged the wall while I belted out Katy Perry’s ‘Plastic Bag’ in the shower.

Sheeran’s musical gift was the initial attraction for Nicole, who met the singer backstage at one of his Wembley gigs last month. Definitely banged. Three days later he brought her to his home town in Suffolk, England where they had a romantic drink together at a local pub. Definitely banged.

Now let’s creep the shit out of her Instagram, shall we? Fuck it, I’m doing it with or without you.

On set of my photoshoot πŸ“· can't wait for yall to see πŸ‘€ #nofilter

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Mornings on Wisteria Lane #housewifeduties 😘

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#coachillin #sunkissedβ˜€οΈπŸ’‹

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