If The 2016 Presidential Election Was Based On Porn Searches, Donald Trump Would Beat Hillary Clinton In A Landslide

by 3 years ago

Last week, Cass brought you the fascinating facts about the Pornhub trends during the Republican National Convention that saw searches for Donald Trump skyrocket. This week, Hillary Clinton was named as the Democratic presidential candidate at the DNC, and it spiked searches for the former secretary of state on Pornhub.

This week’s Democratic National Convention took Trump out of the limelight as his searches were down 22 percent. Hillary searches were up 233 percent, and Michelle Obama’s powerful speech at the DNC prompted a steep increase in people searching “Michelle Obama” on Pornhub.

Now that the 2016 presidential candidates are officially set, Pornhub has released their data regarding the two candidates vying to be the President of the United States.

The Donald is crushing Hillary in porn searches by a wide margin of 144 percent. Even though Hillary’s campaign admittedly targets women it has not benefitted her in fuck flick searches. Females search Trump 1704 percent more than Clinton. So much for #ImWithHer



The Trumpster is resonating well with young people, Pornhub visitors in the 18 to 24 age group are 92 percent more likely to search for Trump when compared to all other age groups. Despite having Bernie Sanders eat Hillary’s lunch with young people in the primaries, 18 to 24-year-olds were 61 percent more likely to seek out Clinton compared to other age groups.

Clinton is being searched more often in Wyoming, South Dakota, West Virginia, New Hampshire, and Ohio.

Meanwhile, Trump has a stranglehold on the Northeast, being searched more in Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and Massachusetts.

People are searching the word “Trump” on Pornhub more than “Clinton” in every state in this grand nation. Some states are overwhelmingly seeking out Trump porn, we’re looking at you Hawaii (327 percent more), California (247 percent), Washington (195 percent more), and Idaho (193 percent more). That’s so much Trump porn. I’m seriously concerned about you guys on the west coast.



Based on the statistics of searches on Pornhub, Donald J. Trump would win in a landslide over Hillary Rodham Clinton. But as the old adage says, elections are not won in July based on porn site searches.

Don’t trust porn site search results to predict the 2016 presidential election? Let’s see what Vegas can tell us about political elections.


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