Elizabeth Hurley Sure Has Been Going Topless A Lot Lately On Her Instagram, For Some Reason

by 11 months ago

Here comes the sun 😘

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Remember how a couple of week ago I pointed out and shared the fact that Elizabeth Hurley, at age 52, could do a full backbend in a bikini, thus making me feel like a total sloth of a human being?

Yeah, well, she’s still rubbing my nose in it with all the new photos she’s been sharing of herself topless on her Instagram account lately. That’s sort of like not really a complaint while complaining. I mean, sure, her fitness level at 52 is far better than mine, but if she wants to keep posting pics like this I certainly don’t want her to stop.

Here, take a look and you’ll see what I mean. On Wednesday, Hurley posted this super sultry photo of herself topless, hanging out on her bed.

Lounging on the best presents ever from @patrickcox_lathbridge 😘

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Then on Monday she shared another shot, a boomerang this time and a very good one, of herself doing a little topless sunbathing.

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