Damn, Bros — We Came *This Close* To A Big Emily Blunt Nude Scene In ‘Sicario’

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The movie Sicario  almost had an Emily Blunt nude scene. Sicario looks like a badass movie too — It features a menacing Benicio Del Toro as a hitman and Emily Blunt as FBI agent Kate Macy. She’s recruited by government suits (as played by Josh Brolin) to do some undercover, Narcos-esque operations in Mexico against infamous, brutal drug lords. Benicio Del Toro is tradtionally THE MAN in drug movies, be it Fear In Loathing In Las Vegas, 21 GramsTraffic (where he once an Oscar), or Savages a couple years back. I’m amped for it.  

Emily Blunt is pretty wonderful too. And attractive! Every Bro who has ever been forced to watch The Devil Wears Prada with their girlfriend has probably made a snide comment on “how hot that British chick is” in the movie.

Apparently she did a pretty crazy nude scene in Sicario, but ultimately decided to leave it on the cutting room floor. In other words, we came *this close* to a full Emily Blunt nude scene. Here’s what she told Howard Stern yesterday about it, via The Wrap:

“[A nude scene] was in there originally but it came out because we didn’t agree with it,” Blunt said in an interview with Howard Stern. When Stern pressed the actress on who she meant by “we,” Blunt responded, “My tits.”

“Benicio [Del Toro] backed me up,” Blunt continued. “It was a scene between he and I.” Stern then asked if Blunt would still be willing to do a lesbian scene if it was essential to the movie’s plot.

Great follow-up question there, Howard. That’s why we love you.

Mr. Skin tells me that there are other Emily Blunt nude scenes out there, but IDK — I kinda doubt they’re any good.

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