Emily Ratajkowski On ‘Blurred Lines,’ How to Pick Up More Girls, and Why Women Are Getting Hotter

Love it or hate it, Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” has undeniably earned “song of the summer” status. The earworm became a cultural force in June when Thicke released an extremely provocative, NSFW video featuring burgeoning supermodel Emily Ratajkowski dancing very, very naked. So naked that we can’t even show it to you here at BroBible. So naked that it’s been banned from YouTube. So naked that you’re likely to get fired it you watch it at work. Vevo’s got you covered, though.

But you’ve been warned.

With that video, Emily Ratajkowski’s celebrity stock has quickly skyrocketed to “girl of the summer” status in just a couple of weeks. Her bare-it-all nude appearence hasn’t been without controversy, either, with armchair critics blasting the video for objectifying women. “I think that, because we were so confident, there was no way to perceive it as derogatory,” Ratajkowski tells me exclusively during a media day appearance at Comic-Con this past weekend. “But on the other hand, I really appreciate the people looking out for that kind of stuff. I think that criticism is totally valid, but if you look a little bit deeper there is something else there.”

Though she’s been on BroBible’s radar for years, Ratajkowski star status is poised to explode even more over the next few months. She tells me she’s currently in the process of auditioning for significant movie roles, so look out for her big break on the silver screen sometime in the near future.

When Axe invited BroBible out to Comic-Con to hang out with Ratajkowski and attend the much-buzzed about Kick-Ass 2/Playboy party, I couldn’t resist. In the following, Ratajkowski and I discuss “Blurred Lines,” dating tips for guys, and why women just might be getting hotter.

My only regret? Not asking her why Thicke was so stumped on “What rhymes with hug me?” Everyone knows the answer to that question…

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What’s up, Emily? How’s everything going?

Everything’s going great! I’m really excited to be here with Axe, one of my favorite brands, promoting Black Chill, which is amazing smelling. It’s really cool and masculine. It’s here to help guys out, to make them feel cooler around hot women.

Then I guess we should probably talk about hot women…


That’s a perfect place to start. What do guys need to do to stay cooler near hot women?

I think confidence is key…. I think it’s really attractive when a guy feels good about himself.

Absolutely. There’s so much swagger that comes with confidence. Besides confidence, what other traits are there that hot women like in guys?

You know, I really seriously feel that confidence is key.

On dating tips for guys, you’re in a bar and guy comes up to you. What should he say first?

Um, I think “How are you?”

Haha… OK…

I’m serious! I think just being interested in a person and genuinely feeling confident, noticing them and just coming at it as a normal human being is really nice. Because one-liners… suck.

Where do you see the conversation going from there?

One thing I can say is when a guy is holding himself well and not acting [weird], then I’m inclined to open up to him as well. I think that really depends on his attitude. But that’s a great place to start: His confidence.

What about pet peeves in guys?

So I think guys are kind of going to hate me for saying this, but no one likes to see a guy fumbling around, sweaty, looking down, or whatever…

So eye contact is key?

Eye contact is great.

Let’s say you move to the next step of that, which obviously would be a date. What is your dream first date?

Eating! I’m a little bit of a foodie.

Carl’s Jr?

Well, I’m not in contract with them anymore, so I don’t think I have to say that, but they’re great, don’t get me wrong.

What kind of cuisine?

I think new types of cuisine. I like tapas. I like to try everything, so I like to order as much as possible so I get a little bite. For me, that’s it.

I love Italian food too.

What’s your go-to Italian dish?

Burrata, the cheese. I go for it, with prosciutto.

Any particular restaurant you like?

I have to say, I was in Italy for three weeks and any Italian restaurant in the United States will never ever be on the same level. It just won’t. So I would give you a name, but when you have an Italian who’s been wrapping burrata for 40 years and give it to you like an ice cream cone…

Ah… It’s amazing. Nothing compares…

Yeah, you just like… blackout and say, “I can’t believe this.”

Let’s talk about “Blurred Lines.” You’re one of the biggest attractions of the summer as the star of the video. What was it like being naked for that long in front of so many people?

You know, I think it’s really important that women feel good in their bodies and that they’re confident. That’s really what this whole campaign is about: That women are getting sexier because they feel better about themselves and they’re able to express themselves. I think the video was a great platform for that. There was a female director, Diane Martel, who’s amazing and been in the business forever. She was on a bullhorn yelling at Robin Thicke and Pharrell “do this” and “do that” and it just kept the energy really high. She made me feel very comfortable and directed me to be really snide and sassy and confident. So it’s great.

So let’s talk about the car on your back.

Yeah! It’s become such a thing.

Did you think it’d be such a thing whenever it happened?

No! It was funny though. I remember the Director of Photography saying to me, “That’s so iconic!” and we were kind of screenshotting it more than other ones.  For me it was just another job, so I just didn’t understand the grand scheme. I wasn’t there to break that down. So then it was like, “Wow… This is huge.”

Did you see the GIF?

Yeah! Well I saw the video, but then I started seeing the GIF. I saw that it was re-Tumbled like 20,000 times or something. And I was like, “My God… That’s insane.” Then it was really fun when they started doing parodies of it.

One of the things I think was interesting about the video is the criticism it received. How do you respond to that criticism?

You know, I think nudity and sexiness has always been controversial and I think it always will. But I think there’s a humor in the video that’s really important, just like how the Axe campaigns about hot women have this very take-it-with-a-grain-of-salt humor. I think the way that we were sassy and confident in the video was something different than what a lot people thought. I think that because we were so confident, there was no way to perceive it as derogatory. But on the other hand, I really appreciate the people looking out for that kind of stuff. I think that criticism is totally valid, but if you look a little bit deeper there is something else there.


One of the things that I think is really interesting about your career is that you started on Nickelodeon.


Has anyone ever really asked you about that before?

No! They haven’t!

Let’s talk about that. I love Nickelodeon nostalgia and grew up watching Doug Funnie and Pete and Pete. What were your favorite shows back in the day?

I’m going to disappoint you because I grew up without a TV. My parents are a little bit of hippies, so I didn’t have a lot. I do remember watching “All That” and thinking it was really cool.

Like the Keenan-era “All That”?

Like when it was really cool and it seemed like high school was the plateau of your life.

I’m going to fit in two questions really quick. Tell me about your favorite types of music.

Oh… OK.  So I like music I can dance to…

Like EDM, rap, pop?

I really like it all. I’m not really always a pop person, I wouldn’t say that’s my go-to. I really like Grimes and music that tries different things. I really like oldies. I know the lyrics to every oldies song perfectly. I just like music I can dance to?

So one last question: Where’s your career going? You’re very young and awesome and just had a huge breakout, plus you have an awesome personality. So what’s next? 

Well it’s been really exciting. Obviously the explosion from “Blurred Lines” has been amazing. But a lot of outlets that I didn’t expect — like the fashion world — have really come around. I just did a shoot with Chris Webber. I’ve been in L.A. the last couple days doing movie auditions, so we’ll see about that. And obviously these kind of things where I work with Axe and a product I believe in.

So acting is down the road?

Yes! Acting!

You’ll be a killer Bond girl. I can see it…

Ahh, thank you! I saw that! Thanks so much.