Emily Sears Wishes ‘It Was Summer Forever’ With Amazing Bikini Pic And I TOTALLY Agree With Her

by 3 years ago

Well, that escalated quickly. With Labor Day just passing—representing the unofficial end of summer—there are some chicks out there who just don’t want to see it end.

One of those ladies is model Emily Sears, who proved she’d rather be running around in a bikini year-round rather than be bundled up in something that’s a bit less revealing.

While summer might be coming to an end, Emily, that doesn’t mean you can’t show-off your assets by posting yourself in skimpy little clothes for us to marvel at—even if it is nippy out—because we’ll all adore you no matter what.

For now, though, let’s all just admire her bikini game over the past few months and hope the warmer weather sticks around for Emily to keep posting hot pics.


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I tried to lay out but it's too hot out there! 👙

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Thicker cause of snickers. 🍫

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