Can Someone Explain What the Hell Jennifer Lawrence Is Doing In This Glass Box Filled with Snakes?

by 7 years ago

In a “Wide Awake” video for the New York Times, Jennifer Lawrence has some sort of bizarre haute couture fever dream. For starters, Lawrence is dressed in some weird gypsy garb that looks like she's been slummin' it on Shakedown Street for years, ready to sell you a dank garlic grilled cheese in the Phish concert parking lot. Who's got her miracle?

Looking awfully loopy, she goes about her business watering her plants (read: a symbol for DRUGZ?) and gets “tripped up” by the hose. She then falls and a colorful snake digs its fangs into her… or so we're lead to believe. After that, it's down the rabbit hole: She's pictured in a glass cage surrounded by bigger, slightly more menacing snakes. Now we're in full on acid trip mode, like what I'd imagine a Tangerine Dream music video would look like circa '73. Then the door closes.

Maybe there's some sort of artsy-fartsy neo-psychedelic metaphor here for drugs or addiction. Altered states of reality and all. But I still don't get it. Maybe I'm not supposed to? It must be culturally significant because, well, FASHION! NEW YORK TIMES!!! A-List actress! Oooooo, so surreal. YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO “GET IT.” 

If you can further make more sense of it, do so in the comments. Until then I'll be listening to Jetro Tull flute solos and chillin' in my parents basement with orange shag carpet with the lava lamps on. It's far out, man.

[H/T: @TaylorBiglerDC]


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