The Return Of The NFL Means A Lot More Erin Coscarelli On Our TVs And That’s A Very Good Thing

The return of the NFL means a lot of exciting things to many people. You might be just happy because football is back. Or maybe you’re excited for another season of fantasy football. Some people are probably fired up to be able to go to some actual games. While others are psyched because they’re degenerate gamblers and this time of year is their nirvana. Me? I get excited because it means I get to watch Erin Coscarelli do her thing on the regular for the NFL Network.

She knows this too because it was just a little under a year ago that I was also very excited about Coscarelli being on my TV set when she decided to drop some A+ pictures on her must-follow Instagram account just in case we’d forgotten or not noticed yet.

The USC grad, in case you somehow aren’t aware, was previously the host of the weekday morning show, NFL HQ, before moving over to host Fantasy and Friends on the NFL Network because she’s a damn good fantasy football player (see caption above). She will also be hosting a NEW show called NFL Blitz which will be streaming live on Twitter every Monday through Thursday at 7PM ET.

Oh yeah, as I mentioned was the case last year, Coscarelli has once again decided to whet our appetites by dropping some scintillating reminders to her ‘gram to make sure that we don’t miss her and her shows this year too. She’s smart like that.