Evangeline Lilly In Sexy Black Lingerie Is Definitely Worth A Look

Evangeline Lilly is finally going to make a movie where she doesn’t have to play the Elf Tauriel in a Hobbit film. We know this because we saw her playing Hope Van Dyne in the new Ant-Man trailer (Hope is totally going to be Wasp at some point, for all you comic book nerds, just look at her haircut).

And that’s good news because since Lost went off the air, unless you went to a Hobbit film you didn’t get to see much of this woman who said that men stopped talking to her once she became famous (if you can believe that).

Now today we get to see her back the way we like her: without elf ears, wearing sexy outfits and with the added bonus of seeing her do a little dance in some sexy black lingerie thanks to the folks over at Ocean Drive.