Fergie’s On Vacation In Hawaii So Naturally She’s Been Spending Some Quality Time In A Bikini

Fergie has apparently at some point along the way become one of those people like Salma Hayek, Elizabeth Hurley, Christie Brinkley and Jennifer Lopez who are now either aging in reverse or just flat-out stopped aging around the time they turned 30-years-old. I don’t know what kind of Hollywood, Illuminati anti-aging rituals these folks are using to go all Benjamin Button, but if they’d just let us regular folk in on it they could probably make a freaking fortune.

Then again, the fact that all of those people I mentioned above already have a fortune is probably why they are able to utilize whatever this magical reverse-aging process is that they’ve all been following. (Cue all the plastic surgery comments in 3…2…1…)

Back in January of this year, I was astounded by what amazing shape Fergie was in at age 41 (she’s 42 now) when I saw her rocking a bikini on the beach.

Fast forward seven months or so and, yup, I’m still astounded. (Seriously though, can you celebs just share some of whatever it is you’re doing? Unless it’s like, exercising a lot and really hard. If that’s the case, eh, that sounds like way too much time and effort.)





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