Fergie Must Have An Album Coming Out Because She Took Off All Her Clothes For Some New Pics

The last couple of times we saw Fergie she was running around having a good time in a bikini – something I would certainly do if I looked like her at 42, and was, you know, a woman. So I guess it makes sense that she’d be perfectly comfortable wearing even less clothing, as in none, to help promote a new album she has coming out soon called Double Dutchess.

I mean, that is how the music industry works now, right? Forget how good your songs are or whether you have a reliable fan base. Instead of counting on those things to sell music you just take off all your clothes or something close to it and voila, sales.

Fergie, being the ultra-savvy music veteran that she is, figured this system out quite awhile ago and was one of the early adopters of this type of musical marketing program.

So there you go, naked = music sales. Got it? Good. Check out her new pictures and then go out and buy some of her music…or something.

Oh, she also posted these videos to help promote her new album along with the pics and I don’t understand them in the slightest either.