Meet the Five Gorgeous ‘Aussie’ Girls of ‘The Pacific’

by 8 years ago

On Sunday night's third episode of “The Pacific” the victorious American troops took a post-Guadalacanal breather with an extended stay in Melbourne, Australia. Although the episode was short on combat, it made up for it with plenty of gorgeous Aussies girls for the guys to spend some quality time with. (History note: The Aussie men were in North Africa fighting the Germans' Erwin Rommel, so the girls were otherwise unoccupied.)


So just who were the actresses playing those hotties? Sgt. Stone's girl, Stella, who lives with her parents and gets nekked during the show, is portrayed by actress Claire van der Boom, who's actually a Broome, Wash., native. Then there's Melbourne local Isabel Lucas, who you probably remember from “Transformers 2” and “Daybreakers,” and who we think played the girl whose grandfather was very protective of her (it was a little hard to tell in the credits and IMDB listings). Other notables include Anna Jennings-Edquist, Cassandra Magrath, and Penny McNamee. Check out a gallery of all five of “The Pacific's” hot “Aussies” after the jump.


Isabel Lucas



Claire van der Boom


Anna Jennings-Edquist


Cassandra Magrath


Penny McNamee


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